And It’s a BOY

Jaxon Alan… It’s perfect, and that’s what your name will be.  No more unrecognizable, unnamed, Gummi Bear-looking “baby creature” in my belly.  You actually have a name now, and you look like a real baby!  You will never understand the weirdness of having an ultrasound at eight weeks pregnant and your baby looks like a … More And It’s a BOY

The Second Baby

I won’t lie, when I found out that I was having another baby only six weeks after having my first, I cried… A LOT.  I felt that my son would be robbed of attention from me. I also felt that I was surely to become a crazy person with two, tiny gremlins only eleven months apart. … More The Second Baby

The Dishes Can Wait

Adjusting to every day life as a mother has been difficult for me, especially since I am completely obsessive about a clean and organized home. I mean, it’s not always perfectly intact, but clutter and dirt makes me anxious. When my son is chowing down on some sweet potatoes and tosses the dirtied spoon across … More The Dishes Can Wait