Whoa Belly

Gummi Bear,

I suppose it hasn’t really dawned on me that I’m ACTUALLY pregnant until seeing my belly recently.  It’s strange to see my body changing so much, yet so exciting knowing that you are in there.  You are growing so much and so fast!

I want to fill you in on a few things that have happened over the last month, sweet baby. First, we made it back to Nashville, thank goodness.  I truly love it here, and I know you will too.  Your mama got a job at her very own townhouse community near Percy Priest Lake.  I’m so fortunate and blessed to have found this company and the amazing people that I work for.  I am excited for you to meet them as well.  They have been so supportive and wonderful to work for during this pregnancy.

We went to the doctor on Wednesday of this past week to get some tests and to have a general check-up.  I got to hear your heartbeat again, and I cried.  You were only 18 weeks old in my belly at the doctor’s appointment, so we have to wait until  you are 20 weeks, on April 13th, before I can find out if you are a girl or a boy.  We recently got the results of the blood work back, and you are healthy and PERFECT!  I cried again after that news.  I can’t help it, okay?  Hormones make me this weird and emotional crybaby.  The doctor also told us some alarming news about my health which was not expected, but we caught it in enough time that it can be treated and hopefully never come back.  But don’t you worry, little one, we are both strong, and we will make it through anything that comes our way.  We just have to stay positive and trust in God, no matter what.

Now for some more positive news… We are moving into a beautiful condo this month!  You see, GB, when your mama first moved to Nashville in March of 2013, I worked in the Nolensville and Lenox Village neighborhood.  I fell in love with the area and hated it when I moved away.  Now we are moving back, and I am so excited…  You’re going to love it!  Plus, we live really close to Burger Republic, and they have my favorite burgers and milkshakes in the entire world.  (You love them, too.  We just went a couple weeks ago.)

I felt you move for the first time last week.  It felt like I had butterflies flying around in my belly.  It’s the craziest feeling in the world!  What are you even doing in there?  Karate? Singing karaoke? Practicing guitar? All of the above?

Life has taken us on some pretty crazy twists and turns as of late, but now things are finally falling into place like they are supposed to.  We have some amazing people in our lives that love us unconditionally, and you and I will be just fine, Gummi Bear.

You are my heart.  My reason to wake up and smile every single day.  You are the sunshine in even the darkest of days, and you are my hope when all else fails.

I cannot wait to hold your tiny, little hand and look into your eyes and tell you how much I love you.

You are my biggest blessing in this life, and you are my heart and soul.


Your Mama12890957_10207652361244830_187113983120689038_o







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