The Daddy of Your Tribe

The daddy of your tribe. We’ve heard it and possibly said it all many times… “They get off the hook so easily in life. They don’t have to go through childbirth. They don’t have to get periods every month.” Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. (Yes. We secretly hate you for these things and always will. Actually, it’s no secret.) But without you, our tribe is incomplete. Our family has a missing piece. Our “daddy kiss it and make it better” is not there. My heart would be in a constant state of disarray without the daddy of our tribe.
I’m completely guilty of saying these cruel things, along with many of you, I’m sure.  But I’m here to tell you, God created man for many reasons other than that forgetful annoyance that can’t seem to place their dirty undies in a laundry basket that is a whopping two feet away. God sent them to complete our families. To love us until we are both saggy and gross. To be a best friend. To bring us closer to everything that we once lost sight of without them.

Without my husband, I would be completely lost, probably homeless, and would definitely not be out pursuing my many dreams. Do we want to slap each other sometimes? Absolutely. Does he make me so mad I imagine getting in my car and driving myself to the beach for a very long time? Oh hell yes, all the time. But despite all of this, I love his stubborn, handsome, goofball, Italian self to the moon and back. Without our flaws and imperfections, we would not perfectly complement one another in our marriage.

We dated for two weeks before he proposed to me. Two weeks. Crazy, right? But I knew. After a long, uphill battle in this atrocious, modern day dating scene, I just knew he was different. I knew during our very first date as we were playing mini golf, that I was looking into the eyes of my future husband. No one had ever been so kind and so patient with me. Next to his daughter, I was a priority in his life, and to this day, he always makes sure I know that. He is just so full of love and commitment to his family. He loves so selflessly each and every day without expecting anything in return.

He proposed to me so casually while we were lounging in our sweats. I’ll never forget it. I joke about it now and call it “Netflix and Propose.”  But that’s exactly what we were doing.  I was half asleep, cuddled up, watching a movie with him, and he whispered it in my ear. Two weeks is all that it took to find the best thing (aside from my son, stepdaughter, and niece) that has ever happened to me. We were married three months later at a tourist chapel in Nashville.  (Way too cool, I know.) However, we still plan on having a ceremony next fall so that our families don’t completely disown us for eloping.

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic that has wanted a large family. I refused to give up hope that he was out there. I never settled. And look what it got me. A devoted, loving husband and best friend. A perfect family. A wonderful, beautiful, and incredibly  smart stepdaughter that I completely adore. A second family that took me in, no questions asked. And a handsome, silly, and all too perfect son.

A husband is supposed to provide for his family. Period. A husband is supposed to treat his wife like a queen. But these expectations should be fully reciprocated by his wife. Sorry ladies, you don’t just get to sit back and reap the benefits of being spoiled all the time.(I mean, you can, but eventually your husband will not feel as important as he should.) Be proud of your man. Spoil him back. He works hard for you and your family, so make sure he knows how much it means to you. Make sure he never goes a day feeling unappreciated.

My point here is this: Our husbands work so that we don’t have to. Do they change as many diapers as we do? No way. Do they have to stay up and take care of the sick baby? Probably not. But they WORK. They do it all for us. They put a roof over our heads, food on the table, and make sure all of the bills are paid.  My husband makes the ultimate sacrifice working ten to twelve hour days, six to seven days a week. But he does it because he loves us. And he wants me to be able to stay home at home with our son and to study for my real estate exam. (It’s always been a dream of mine, and he has pushed me to never let it die.)

I am so thankful to be married to someone that is not afraid to be a husband. A provider. A daddy. He is not intimidated by me wanting a large family because he wants one, too. I am absolutely so extremely blessed. And so are many of you. So take a moment and thank God today for what you have been given. Make sure to thank your husband for all that he does. (Not in a Facebook status either… Go grab your man and kiss his face off.)

A few little things that mean a lot to him: Let him sleep a little longer. Do his laundry every day. Make his lunch every morning. Let him give you advice without a sassy retort. Let him watch Star Trek and nerd out for a little while. Let him do things his own way as a Daddy. Love him as you should. Be a wife. Remember those vows.

I just love the daddy of our tribe. Unconditionally. 💞


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